Wisdom would get you anywhere.

Wisdom is the power to see what is not evident to the average mind. It is the ability to have insight and understanding about a situation. It is often said that knowledge is with the youth while wisdom is with the elders. The more mistakes you make, the more wisdom you acquire. The more you can study from other peoples’ mistakes the greater your wisdom, since you would hardly live long enough to commit all the mistakes they did.

Wisdom is very important in your life. When God came to Solomon in a dream and asked him what he wanted, Solomon responded that he wanted wisdom. (1 kings 3:9) When God gave Solomon wisdom, he acquired a lot of wealth, honour and fame. All these came because of the wisdom he was given by God. When Queen Sheba heard of Solomon’s wisdom, she visited him and she was amazed how he answered her questions and how magnificent was the palace he had built. (1 kings 10:1) She wished she could be one of his wives or servants so that she could listen to Solomon’s wisdom.all day long.

In the following narrative, Queen Sheba was impressed about two things – the things that king Solomon said and his works. You would know men of wisdom all around you by their works. What has he/she achieved in life? Solomon built a palace. What has that person done? Spend time with this person. Observe what motivates him/her, how he/she invest and before long you would find yourself doing like him/her. You need to camp around the wise to be wise.

Wisdom would get you anwhere and only the sky would be your limit. Seek for it and do no rest until you find it. With it comes riches, honour and power. There is absolutely nothing you can achieve without her.


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