Ban of plastic wrappings in Cameroon.

The government of Cameroon recently took a bold decision to ban the use of plastic wrappings over its territory. The decision took a lot of Cameroonians by surprise because they were used by traders to tie goods.

The government is adamant its decision is legitimate. It points to the fact that these plastic wrappings litter all over the place because they are not biodegradable. In addition, it complains that some Breweries are now packaging their whiskeys and other strong liquors in them. This makes them cheap and easily portable and they are therefore highly consumed by youths and motorbike riders. Politicians also use these whiskeys during their political campaigns because they say they get the villagers drunk very fast and are thus economical.

Whatever the reason given by the government, this decision is there to stay. Some business men have been justling to take advantage of this opportunity and provide solutions. A number of alternative wrappings have been proposed but retailers complain that they are very expensive. Some retailers are now using cement paper to tie their goods while others advise their customers to bring plastic wrappings from home.

This decision which by all reflections is to protect the environment is timely. I recently went to the capital city, Yaounde, and i found several rivers littered with these wrappings. If this situation can be remedied then it is for the better. However, several.Cameroonians think that the plastic wrappings would come back.


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