what is eternal life?

Eternal life is one of those topics that is sometimes controversial to talk about. I was meditating on some scriptures when this topic crossed my mind. I started asking myself questions : what is it? how would it manifest itself and who would benefit from it? It did not take long for me to be enlightened by scriptures.

Eternal life means life forever. (John 3:15) It means even when you die, you would be raised to continue living. ( Daniel 12:2) Though you pass away, you would be raised to life on the last day just like Jesus was also raised to life and is now sitted at the right side of God. (John 6:54)

Not everyone would inherit eternal life. Only the righteous are entitled to it. ( Mathew 25:46) Also Jesus in John 6:54, said those who eat his flesh and drink his blood have eternal life and he would raise them to life on the last day. In John 6:39, Jesus stated that those who believe in him would be raised too.

In Daniel 12:2 , the bible says some would inherit eternal life while others would inherit eternal disgrace. Which would you inherit? Write in the comments below.


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