How to develop a strong spirit.

Man is composed of body, soul and spirit.( 1 thessalonians 5:23) The soul includes the mind , will and emotions. A lot of you give so much attention to the flesh and you totally neglect the spirit which is the real you. You keep the flesh fit and sparkling with exercise ,lotion and food. But do you know your spirit also has to be kept strong with spiritual food otherwise it weakens and your flesh can easily override it. As a christian, your spirit has to dominate your flesh and your soul. Do not let the flesh dominate yout spirit and your soul which can leaad to spiritual death – seperation from God. Use the following methods to develop and strengthen your spirit.

1) Prayers

Each time that you pray, you are talking to God and so your spirit is communicating with God’s spirit. Prayers establishes your relationship with God and you can easily hear his voice.

2) Meditation

Meditation is important in keeping the word of God in your heart because as you meditate, you ponder over it. God’s word in you is God’s spirit in you and the more of the word you have in you, the stronger your spirit.

3) Reading the word.

Reading the word everyday is essential in maintaining a solid spirit. The word would only dwelve in your spirit if you read it everyday. When you read the bible, satan’s thoughts would have no place in you.

4) Praise and Worship.

Paul and Silas were put in prison for delivering a woman deviner from an evil spirit. They started praying to God then by midnight, they switched to praises and worship. It did not take long for the prison gates to be opened following an earthquake. Praise is therefore a powerful weapon in your hands to use. Praise God everywhere in your house – at your kitchen, toilet, parlour etc… Worship gives you a strong desire to pray and would enable you to be intimate with God.

5) Fasting

Fasting consist in foregoing food and drink for a couple of days in order to strengthen you relationship with God. It is a way of weakening the flesh and strengthening the spirit. It is, therefore, important to always fast at least once a week so as to put the flesh in control.

What did you like about this post? Is there something i omitted? Write in the comments below.



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2 responses to “How to develop a strong spirit.

  1. I’ve found it very difficult changing myself on the outside. I now only meditate on who I am IN CHRIST JESUS on the inside. It is He that now lives, not me. I’m being changed from the inside to the outside.
    The life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

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