Is your wife too attached to her pastor?

I was listening to Good news Calvary radio here in kumba recently and a certain man called complaining that he was suspecting the wife of sleeping with her pastor. He declared his wife spends all her time in church and very little time with him. He added that each time he gives the wife money for food, she divides it into two and she takes one part of it to the pastor as tithes and offerings. He further disclosed that each time the wife cooks food, she removes the pastor’e own first and she goes to give it to him before he can eat. Counsequently, he said, he felt like the wife was married to the pastor and not to him.

This situation led me thinking. Is your wife too attached to her pastor or is this man complaining too much? One thing i have observed is that people who have positions in church sometimes spend a lot of time in the things of God and their homes may suffer. There are meetings to attend in church, tasks to do and in some churches the women have to feed the pastor.

Some persons may go over board in doing the things of God and the other spouse may resent it especially if he or she is not a cokmitted christian. Even if he/she is a committed christian, the fact that you do not spend enough time with your husband might bring problems in the marriage. I was told recently of a pastor in the United Kingdom whose wife abandoned him because he was more interested in seeing his ministry grow than in her. The man gave all his time to his church and forgot that his wife existed. She could not bear ot and she left.

Friends, if you are a woman and you are serving God, realise that your husband and kids exist. They too need your attention. The bible describes the capable woman in proverbs 31:27, as a woman who is always busy and looks after her family’s needs. What are the needs of your husband? He needs to eat, he needs sex, he needs companionship and vounsel and also himself and the kids to be taken care of. Are you fufilling those needs? What God has put together, do not put asunder by ignoring the needs of your spouse. Serve God yes but preserve your marriage too.


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