Do you have principles in your life?

A principle is a moral rule or strong belief that influences your actions. It can be something as simple as deciding to sleep every day at 2200 hours and not picking any calls after that time. It is important to have principles in your life and stick to them otherwise people would abuse of you. Imagine a guy calling you at 2300 hours to.come to his place. As a respectable lady, youshould be able to tell him no because it is too late and you donot keep late hours.

The advantages of having principles cannot be over emphasized. You are in control of your time and your life. You would not feel like you are being pushed around to fit into the scehdule of other persons. Also, it is a good excuse to tell somebody when you do not want to do something because it is against your principles. In addition, it is easy to tell somebody no which some persons find difficult to do.

I have principles in my life. I maintain a to-do-list and every evenning i must write down what i would do the next day. I read my bible and i pray everyday. Also i sleep by 2200 hours, put my phone off and by 0400 am, i am awake. I take a ath every day in the morning. What are your principles? Please, write in the comments below.


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