The power of thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is a convenant principle of the kingdomof God that all.christians should be commotted to. (Psalms 138:1) it all the time. I thank God each time that somebody gives me a compliment, each time i am offered somethig for free and everyvday i thank God for making me see a new day. Do you give thanks to God? If you are not doing it, start today and you would realise how more fulfilling and happy your life would become.

Giving thanks has its rewards. It moves God to open the windows of blessings to you. Until you thank God for the small things he does in your life, he would not do bigger things. Also, when you thank God, you appreciate better what you have. Many people seem to ignore how much God has done to make them in what they are today. They focus their attention instead on things that they lack. Lastly, it increases your faith because it reminds you of what God has done for you.

Jesus had this habit of always giving thanks to the father sometimes even before he performed a miracle. He gave thanks before giving a piece of bread and a cup to hs disciples which represented his flesh and his blood. Before raising Lasarus, from the dead, he gave thanks. (John 11:41) Paul writing to the church at Colossae encourages them to always give thanks to God for their share of what belongs to the children of God. (Colossians 1:11).

Thanksgiving should be regarded more like a lifestyle than like a one time act for it to be effective.( 2 thessalonians 5:18) Your present situation or condition notwithstanding, learn to give thanks to God the father.


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