Why you do not understand the bible.

I remember when i started up as a born again christian. I used to open my bible and i would spend about 30 minutes reading it but at the end of it, i never understood anything. Have you been through this? I am sure a lot of you went through this ordeal during your baby christian days. Thank God, today, I actually enjoy reading the bible and not a single day passes without me reading this precious book.

Have you ever wondered why you do not understand what you read in the bible? There are many reasons that can lead to this. Firstly, you might be reading a difficult version. It is advisable to start up with a simpler version like the good news bible and move to more difficult versions with time. If possible, you can have 2 or more versions where you cross check stuff that you do not understand. Secondly, it might be because you do not have enough believe in the word of God. Thirdly, you might not have enough determination to actually read and understand it. Lastly, you might not be spending enough time with your bible because you do not read it daily.

Use the following tips when studying the bible:

1) Choose a simpler version e.g the good news bible and move to more difficult ones like the King James version later.

2) Read it daily. You can follow a bible reading plan or create your own.

3) Be determined to know it.

4) Believe in the word. The word works (Proverbs 4:22)

Everything that you do for the first time is difficult at the biggining before being easy. The more you persevere in your desire to know the bible, the easier it would get. I wish you all a nice day.


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