Marital problems – who to turn to?

I have always been amazed how romantic movies end. Most often, the actor and actress get married and it is love forever after. The movies present marriage as a perfect union between a man and a woman who live happily after without any problems. Unfortunately, this has led some couples to have unrealistic expectations of marriage believing they would live with their partner in perfect harmony. Friends, there is no marriage here on earth which does not have problems. The fact that you do not see a married couple quarreling does not means they do not have squables from time to time.

Think about it. These are two people who where raised up differently and who meet to live together. There are bound to be differences in perception and understanding of a lot of things. The only thing that can help iron out these misunderstandings is the resolve by both partners to make the marriage work whatever happens. A clear understanding of God’s word that whatever he has brought together no one should bring asunder is very important. Whom should you turn to when problems arise between you and your spouse?

If i asked this question now, to you there would be diverse answers. Some married couples trust an elderly person in the family, some their friends, others their parents and still others their colleagues at work, hair dressess, or gym instructors. Most christians would go to the pastor in order to seek for a solution to their marital problems.

But do you know there is a souce that you seem to neglect that has an answer to all of your marital problems? Yes, you heard me alright. It is the word of God. If your marriage is in trouble, turn to your bible and look for scriptures concerning marriage. Meditate and pray with them and you would regain the peace of mind your lost.


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