Meditation can be defined as the ability to ponder, contemplate repeating , murmuring of the scripture from different angles to better fill it in your body. It is the quiet contemplation and reflection on a scripture that you have read. Revelation comes when you spend time meditating on the word. The word of God would only abide in you if you spend time meditating on it. When you meditate on the word, you become the word (psalms 1:1-2). You would become prosperous by meditating on the word. ( psalms 119:99 ; Joshua 1:8)

Variois methods of meditation

1) Ask God for enligthenment.
Ask God to open his word for you.

2) Record your thoughts.
As you meditate, God gives you ideas, write them down.

3) Emphasize each word of the verse and how the meaning changes with emphasis.

4) Memorise the verse.

5) Personalise the verse.
When you personalise the verse, you put yourself in the verse.

6) Visualise the verse.

7) Paraphrase the verse.
Rewrite the verse in your own words.

8) Sing the verse.

9) Vocalise the verse.
Pray back the verse to God. Ask questions like who? What? Where? When? How? Write down the questions and think aboit them.


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