Marine Spirit.

A marine spirit is an evil spirit that lives in water. This spirit, formerly known as “mami water”, was often described as a woman, half fish and half human. There are countless fables about this evil spirit that where told when we were young.

The marine spirit is said to live in the marine kingdom which exist under water. The marine kingdom is said to be covered with beautiful trees, vegetation and gold and silver. It is alleged to abound with all types of food and it is said the is feasting there all the time. Only those who are initiated and become members can witness of the kingdom. They usually go to the kingdom while they are sleeping and dreaming but some of the members do so even during the daytime. (While awake).

The marine kingdom is very organised. There is a king or queen who heads the kingdom and assigns duties to its various members. Normally, promotion is either by the number of members they initiate or how well they perform their assignments. The members are classified according to how many powers they have with higher ranking members put in charge of lower ranking ones.

There are various ways that one can be initiated into the marine world and be afflicted with this spirit. They are by :

– From birth
– By wearing clothes given to you as gift without praying on them.
– through sexual intercourse
– By eating money given to you by a member.
– By eating something eg an orange given to you by a member.

Most people are initiated without them knowing but they soon realise that something is wrong through their dreams. They are taken to a world they have never experienced and welcome and given assignments. Membership in the kingdom has counsequences :

– prostitution for women.
– womanizing for men.
– Death
– Illnesses
– Stagnation in business or education.
– Running away from home.
– Stubbornness.

The assignments given to members range from initiating more people, killing a family member, killing a man of God, causing accidents on the highway, drinking blood, sleeping with men or women to causing chaos and disorder in churches. Members are rewarded for their good work with money, given with conditions or promotion in rank and power. The members get their pride by the ranks they attain in the kingdom. Members are demoted or expelled from the kingdom when they refuse to perform assignments.

The only way you can be set free from this wicked marine spirit which seeks to destroy your life is through deliverance by a man of God. You can avoid being initiayed by choosing your friends carefully, praying over anything you receive from friends or relatives and preserving yourself until marriage.


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