Are you frugal?

A frugal person is somebody who is economical in the use of his money. He/she uses only as much money or food as is necessary. These tips to live a frugal life:

1) Before buying an expensive item, consider whether it is really neceassary.

2) If you need something, search for new items that are on sale or for good used items.

3) Do not be impulsive; sleep on the matter. If you still feel that the item is vital, you may consider looking for something similar in a discount or second hand shop.

4) Cook your own food. Do not eat outside bc it is cheaper to buy ingredients and cook meals than to eat outside.

5) If you have school age children, why not teach them to prepare sandwishes instead of giving them money to buy more expensive food.

6) Drink water rather than buying expensive beverages.

7) Grow your own food. Have a garden where you grow vegetables.

8) Save some money in a bank guaranteed by the government.

9) Do your shopping in the evening at around 1700 hours. Things are much more cheaper.

10) Cook meals around vegetables. You save money on meat.

11) Have a piggy bank where you throw all your coins. You would be amazed how much you would save.

12) Buy in bulk and ask for discount. You would be amazed about how much you would save.

13) Do not throw away empty containers. They might be useful.

14) Do shopping with a neighbour and make the same shopping list.

15) Hold your own water and home made snacks when you go out.


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