Follow God, not things.

I was inspired to write this post today because of the seemingly great attention placed on things nowadays. By the way people talk about them, you would think they would take them along when they leave this earth. As christians, we should not focus our attention on houses, cars, farms, plots that we possess. We should instead put the word of God in our conversations, meditate on it and do it and we shall be fulfilled in life. (Joshua 1:8)

We got these things because we sought the kingdom first. (Mathew 6:3) Therefore, it is imperative that you should not forget where you came from before you hit prosperity. Yes, it is nice to have cars, houses, land but isn’t it God who gives all those things? And what do you use them for? Are you using them for kingdom promotion? If not, start using them today to advance the kingdom of God. Chase God not money. (Luke 16:13)

When God blesses you with riches, follow God not things. Put more of your attention on the things of God not on your businesses. Be an addicted giver. Consider the case of Job whose possessions were taken from him. Yet, he continued trusting God. Would you still worship God after all is taken from you?

Friends, focus on the things of God and kingdom promotion and not on the things you possess.


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