Forgiveness is the act of ceasing in having resentment against some other person. It is giving up any anger , grudges that you habour against somebody else and welcoming feelings of love in your mind towards this person. Those who refuse to forgive have no peace of mind because their feelings of love is clouded by feelings of anger, resentmet, jealousy that they have towards all other people.

This spirit of unforgiveness afflicts some persons so much that they even refuse to talk with other persons. In some instances, some married couples do not talk to each other for months because they are unwilling to forgive their significant other for something they did. Sometimes, it is two brothers who refuse to talk to each other because none of them is willing to forgive the other.

When Jesus asked Peter how many times he should forgive his brother, Jesus told him seventy times seven which amounts to 490 times (mathew 18:21). Can any of us ever exhaust this number of times Jesus is asking us to forgive our brother/wife/husband? I do not think so. Therefore, whatever happens in your relationships with your relatives and friends, learn to forgive because he would only forgive your sins if you forgive those of others towards you. (Mathew 6:14).

You might say he/she insulted you, promised to kill you, stole your money or duped you and so you would never forgive him/her. But friends, Jesus said you should forgive whatever the circumstances and pray for those who persecute you and if somebody takes something that belongs to you, do not ask it back.

Some people believe that because they are sinners God would not forgive their sins when they go to church. They believe because they are smokers or alcoholic or womanizers , God would not forgive them. Friends , i want to tell you here that God is more than ready to forgive our sins (1 john 1:9). So, let nobody beguile you that you have commited an unpardonable sin because it is written no where in the bible.

I hope you learnt something from this post and you are ready to start forgiving whoever has wronged you one way or the other.


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