Settling in Cameroon. (Part 9) Third term holidays are here !!!!!

After more than nine months of study, students have at last gone for holidays. Some, who wrote public exams are awaiting their results while others are using the holidays to partake in some economic activity that would enable them pay for their school fees and books for the coming academic year. Yet, some other students are using this time to travel and spend their holidays in other towns.

Whatever, they use it for, many students and parents agree that it is a welcome relieve from the usual hustle and bustle of the school time. This also is the time many young girls come out with different types of hairstyles and clothing all destined to seduce guys.

Some churches like the witness chapel church here in kumba have started organising holiday classes for kids in order to teach them christian principles. For other students, they attend the regular holiday classes. I wish all students a nice holiday season and may God bless you all with good results.


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