False Prophets.

A prophet is a person who carries a message from God. He is a vessel that God uses to transmit his message to a petson or to a nation. A prophet can also be defined as someone who knows the day to day details of God’s plan. You are called to the prophetic. You do not need to go to any school or pass any examination to become a prophet. Several prophets existed during biblical times from major prophets like Isaiah and Jeremaih to minor ones like Hosea and Joel.

The prophetic ministry has been made popular by prophet T.B Joshua of the synogogue church of nations and today many individuals have joined it. It is even said that right now 5 out of every 10 Cameroonians are prophets. The good thing about this is that the kingdom of God is expanding and the bad thing is that there are lots of false prophets out there. The difficult economic situation and the lack of jobs is pushing a lot of persons to the prophetic ministry whether they have the calling or not.

It is not unusual nowadays to be accosted by individuals in the street or in church who claim they have a message for you from God. They would convince you God has given them a message that they should tramsmit. I have noticed they target mostly women because women are most easily convinced. As soon as they have delivered their fake maessage from God, they expect to be rewarded either immediately or in not a distant future. How do you know a true prophet then?

The bible warns us to be careful about false prophets and to watch what they do in order to know whether they are false or not.(mathew 7:15) Unfortunately, the persons coming to prophesize to us are completely strange to us. It is, therefore, difficult to know them intimately. The only way to judge their prophesies is to observe whether their message comes true or not. (Jeremaih 28:9)

The bible warns us not to pay attention to false prophets who live among us or any other person who claims he can predict the future. (Jeremaih 29:8) They tell lies in the name of God and so should be shun However, in Jeremaih 23:28, God encourages a true prophet who has his message to proclaim it faithfully.


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  1. Thomas

    Any body who claims to carry a message from God and demands payment or recompense of any sort is fake! that goes to pastors and other men of God who do same. A seed should be given as everyone purposeth in his heart(2Cor9:7). secondly we have an anointing as children of God that tells us inside whether someone is fake or not(1John2:27). we must discern.

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