Are you a church prostitute?

One of the principal requirements of keeping up your relationship with God is to attend a living church and associate with other christians brothers and sisters. Going to church keeps your faith alive, encourages you to share ideas with other christians an puts you in the presence of God. In addition, listening to the gospel in church helps renew your mind and increase your faith in God.

There are many churches out there today. From traditional pentacostal ones like catholics, presbyterian churches to born again ones like Witness chapel, redeem church. This seemingly limitless choice has pushed many christians to hop from one church to another in seach of salvation. What, then, are the reasons that propel christians to change churches?

The greatest church prostitutes are christians in search of signs and miracles. They are so much obssessed with miracles that they would hardly stay in a church devoid of them. Another catergory of church prostitutes are power hungry individuals. They want positions in church and when they do not get them, they leave to another church where they would occupy that position. Other reasons that christians cite for leaving churches are lack of peace and order, too much demand on them for money and a pastor who is too proud or greedy. Disagreement, misunderstandings and distrust between a pastor or prophet and a member of his congregation can lead this member to leave for another church.

Although nobody cautions you to stick in a church your entire life, it is advisable to worship in one ministry.


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