Abortion can be defined as the deliberate ending of pregnancy at an early stage. It is mostly performed by young single and married women between the ages of 12 anf 45 years who are of child bearing age.

There a number of reasons that can compel a woman to terminate a pregnancy. The principal one is because the baby is unwanted. Many young girls who are sexually active sometimes get pregnant. Most often, this child is not wanted by the girl either because she is too young to take care of a baby, she is going to school, she does not want to jeopardise her chances of marriage or she does not have the means to take care of a baby. Another reason is because of the health of the mother. If the doctor realises that the health of the mother would be in danger if she gives birth, he might decide to terminate the baby. Finally, some married women do it too when they become pregnant too soon after their last baby.

Abortion is normally performed in a hospital or clinic by a qualified doctor. However, young women, because of lack of financial means or the need of secrecy decide to do it at home. They, therefore, usually use traditional concortions or outlawed drugs to do away with the foetus. I heard young student doctors are experts in this domain.

Abortion is not without counsequences. It can lead to barenness, death and other complicated diseases. Many young women have died while trying to commit it. Some young women are unable to have kids today or have so many miscarriages because of the number of terminated pregnancies they had.

A number of solutions have been tried to do away with this social ill. In some developed countries, it has been legalised and is thus done in hospital by a qualified doctor. In Cameroon and many other countries, it is still punishable by law. The government is using sensibilisation of the youth and penalties to keep it under control.

The bible clearly condemns abortion. In timothy 2:22, the bible says we should be beware of youthful lusts. Young women should hold on to their virginity until they get married by shunning immoral habits and bad friends. The word of God should be the guiding principle in their lives.


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