Spiritual husband.

A spiritual husband is an evil spirit that attacks women in order to destroy their lives. The biblee says in john 10:10, that the devil( satan, lucifer) comes not, but in order to steal, kill and to destroy; Jesus came so that we might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. So, a spiritual husband claims to be married to its victim and prevent her from having normal relationships with men or from liking men althogether. Its ultimate purpose is to destroy the life of the victim.

How does this wicked spirit enter women? I would first like to emphasize here that you cannot be affected with the spiritual husband if you are a true child of God. Light and darkness cannot cohabit together. Only women who are in the devil’s camp or lukewarm christians can be affected with this spirit. Also, a woman can get it right from birth.

There are several known ways that spiritual husbands enter into womens life. The first is through idol worshipping. If you come from an idol worshipping family or you yourself have a shrine at home inherited from your parents, that you worship, then you are exposed to this spirit. You are already in the devils camp and he has total access into your life. Secondly, if you sleep with men indiscriminately or you are a prostitute, then the spirit would enter you. Not only would you be affected but your offsprings may contact the spirit too. Thirdly, this spirit enters women through dreams. When you visit spiritualists or witch doctors, and you depend on them for your protection, you expose yourself to the activities of witches and wizards who mostly work in the night. They may enter you through dreams and establish a spiritual husband into your life. Another way a spiritual husband could enter a womans life is when another woman takes either her pants, clothes, hair, picture or name to a spiritualist or witchdoctor in order to either seize her husband or cause problens in her relationships. This mostly happens when her husband has a mistress outside who wants him to marry her and dump his wife.

What are the signs to look for when you suspect you are affected by this demon:

– you are childless
– you have no affection for your husband
– nobody is asking your hand in marriage
– problems in your relationships all the time
– no marriage
– hardship in your life
– stubbornness
– Anger
– sickness
– Ceasing of menstruaation
– suicidal thoughts
– strange voices or thoughts
– miscarriages
– alcoholism
– smoking
– prostitution

The solution to this problem is to visit a living church and be delivered. You then have to give your life to christ and live a sin free life. Also you have to pray and read your bible every day and associate with other cbristians. Do not forget that when a demon is cast out of somebody, it would always try to come back. It would not cease in its attempt to cause the person to do wrong or bring sickness and diseases in her life. You need to hold God strongly.

The only sure way to overcome evil spirits and demons is to give your life to christ. Going to spiritualist for a solution would only complicate your case even more and make you squander your money.


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