Readers are leaders.

With so much wisdom to be gained in reading books, it is amazing to realise that very few Cameroonians actually read. Most of us, as soon as we finish school, throw away our books and never open them again. It is often said that if you put a book in a bottle of beer, a cameroonian would see it but if you put it anywhere else, it remains unnoticed.

Despite the seeming non chalence of Cameroonians towards reading, there is a lot of wisdom in books. Infact, i can predict what you would become in five years time by the books you read and the friends you frequent. You would hardly find the president of America drunk but you would most probably find him with a book. And this can be noticed by the way he speaks and acts.

Before the start of his ministry, Jesus spent a lot of time in the synagogue with the scribes and the teachers of the law. Just as the saying says iron sharpens iron, that is how he learned the sciptures from more knowledgeable people than him.

It is surprising to notice that even today very few Cameroonians actually read. Some people attribute it to a lack of the reading culture while others say it is because of the lack of librairies and books in the few available ones. By reading, we are exposed to great minds around the world that we would otherwise not contact except through books. In addition, we acquire new ideas and methods that can be crucial to our projects. I do not mean by reading textbooks but books that are not within the curriculum.

Friends, if you want to excel in your field of work no matter which one then read. Read as widely as possible. Only those who educate themselves get promoted, become great leaders and are experts in their respective fields. No investment is as worthwhile as the one you do in enligthening the mind.


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