Do you depend on your wife’s salary?

So, i was taking a nap today when i thought of writing on this topic. It might surprise you but in some homes, the wife is the bread winner of the family. She feeds and takes care of the man and the children- a role that is most often reserved for men. When God was pronouncing judgement after Adam and Eve had disobeyed him in genesis 3:19, he told the man he would have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything. For the woman he said he would increase her trouble in pregnancy and her pain in giving birth (Genesis 3:16)

How do husbands then depend on their wife’s salary? I was told pastors are the biggest culprits of this. Whether it is true or a lie is something i cannot confirm. I heard some pastors expect their wives to give them all the money at month end so that they can manage it . And when their wives refuse to do this, they accuse them of being unsubmissive. Some men drink beer with all their money or use it in chasing women and there is nothing left to bring home. The wife is thus left to use her money to feed the house. Other men are plain lazy refusing to work because they know their wives are working and would take care of the house.

Depending on your wife to feed the home is not without counsequences. The woman becomes disrespectful and disobedient because you do not asssume you role as the man. Sometimes she might earn her money and hide it from you because she is afraid you would go out and squander it on other women or in the beer parlour. Other women might decide to sleep with men outside in other to feed the home.

Friends, if you are a man depending on your wife or girlfriend to bring back home money, go out today and look for work. A woman would only respect you if you ignore her money and take care of her and the kids. In romans 12:11, the bible instructs you to work hard and not to be lazy. Get busy for the right reasons and you would have plenty to eat. I wish you all a nice day.


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