How to rekindle your marriage.

Marriage can be defined as the union between a man and a woman in a consensual and contractual relationship recognised by law. The bible says in the book of genesis 3:24, that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife and the two become one. Normally, during courtship, and after marriage, the couple is so much overwhelmed with sex, passion and love that they overlook each others flaws. However, a few years after marriage, differences concerning kids, resentment come in which greatly erode the passion, love the couple felt for each other initially.

How then can a marriage be rekindled when the couples do not feel love for each other like before?

In order to answer this question we must first find out what can go wrong in a marriage. Some couples do not spend enough time together because of different shifts, working two or more jobs. Sometimes, the woman may resent her partner because she is left to do all the housework all alone. Other problems include lack of communication, differences over money and children, lack of respect and unfaithfulness by one of the partners. Lack of sex and little or no attention by one of the mates can also be an issue.

How can you then solve all these problems so as to bring back the happiness and love that existed before? No matter how busy both partners can be, they should create time to spend together. This involves both doing any activity like cooking, painting or going for a walk. Also compromise and respect should be key in any argument. Any argument that starts in respect would finish in respect. So, refrain from revealing the insecurities of your spouse otherwise you own too be known.

Many women complain that the same attention they received before marriage is not forthcoming later. So, men should remember to treat their women as a gentleman, tell her they love her, and appreciate her when she does something good. Couples should be transparent about matters of money. If the man does not reveal his sources of income or how he spends it, his wife would not do the same. Another area of confrontation is the kids and in laws. Again, couples should favour compromise in order to avoid any disagreement. If you have anything to add to these points, please put them in the comments below.


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