God would not help those who would not act.

I was prompted to write this post because i keep hearing people tell me they are looking for a job but then when you ask them whether they have applied for any, they tell you no. I keep asking myself how can somebody expect to secure a job or start a career without applying for it. Well, some persons tell me they count on their connections. I have always been of the opinion that you should depend on God not man. Man would fail you but God would never fail you.

Whatever job you are looking for or whatever career you want to start, start today. Send out those applications. You might not get anything at the first few tries but as you stick to it long enough, you get experience that would help you finally secure what you are looking. Completely remove discouragement from your vocabulary. Be persistant and you would succeed. Believe in God and he would never fail you.

Some persons might tell me they have tried several times but they did not succeed. Well, you are not successful because you stopped trying. Keep on it and finally God would open your doors.


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