What happens to recently released political prisoners in Cameroon?

President Paul Biya recently signed a presidential decree giving clemency to some political prisoners. The likes of Edzoa Titus, Mounchipou Seidou and Inoni Ephraim were released from jail after serving most of their jail terms. They were accused of several offences including embezzlement of public funds , mismanagement and corruption.

There have a lot of specution among Cameroonians about what they intend to do now that they have been released from prison. Some people think they would restart their political careers while other persons contend they would continue with their jobs or take up responsibilties in private business. It should be noted that Edzoa Titus is a doctor by profession and he was once President Paul Biya’s private doctor. It is rumoured that he wants to revive his political career so that he can run for the next presidential elections.

Another disturbing issue is how they are going to pay back all public funds they siphoned into their private pockets. Some Cameroonians think their properties should be sold to recuperate the money while others think that would be double punishment since they have already served their jail terms.

President Paul Biya’s decree does not lack critics. Barister Mbah Ndam of the SDF parliamentary group on return from a foreign trip denounced this liberation. He said it was against the constitution for corrupt government officials to be released from prison before having finished their jail terms. He decried why no lawyers in the country did not speak against it.


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