Settling in Cameroon (Part 7). House not for sale.

There is a notice that is conspicuously present at the entrances of many houses here in kumba. That is, ” House not for sale”. I have been wondering why these signposts are suddenly erupting at the walls of several homes because i did not experience this while growong up.

My research has proved to me that these are mostly polygamous homes where several sibblings of the owner are laying claim to the property. With numerous wives and children and no will, there is always a struggle following the death of a polygamist over his property. I was even told that even when he takes time to designate a successor or “chop chair” as fondly called in Cameroon, the dispute over his estate can hardly be solved.

The lesson here to all my polygamist friends and intending polygamist should take the time and draft a will by a reputable lawyer for their estate whie they are still living. At best, why not just get married to a woman and avoid all this wahala. In genesis 2:24, the bible says a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two shall become one. It did not say wives. I wish you all a nice day.


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