Why your man is unwilling to commit.

So, i read this comment by a girl called Anna on facebook that she has been with her guy for more than 6 years and he is unwilling to commit. I thus decided to write about this issue.

The willingless of men to commit is a far cry by many women in relationships today. After spending some time with the man in a relationship, the woman of course wants the man to pop the question, “would you marry me?”. The women see no reason why the man should keep postponing this issue or shun it all together. If the man so love her as he claims then what is holding him back from marrying her. Even the ace Cameroonian musician Petit Pays in one of his songs says if you love a woman then marry her.

Why then should men drag their feet when the topic of marriage is mentioned. As a man myself, i think the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marriage is where are we going to stay? After that comes the issue of how take of the wife and the kids. So, a man looks at his financial means first before deciding to ask a girl’s hand in marriage. If your guy is dragging his feet, then might be it is his financial means.

There are other things that can hold a man back.The man might feel that he is too young or that you are not marriage material. He might just be using the woman when he is going out to meet his friends or just for sex. Lastly, the man might feel you do not have the qualities of his ideal wife – you are not the right complexion, you are not educated, you are not working or that you are not from his tribe. It can just be that the man talked to his relatives about getting married to you and they do not like you.

How , then can a woman make a man commit? I think she should pray about it and commit her situation to the Lord. With God, everything is possible. She should put all her trust in God.


There are other thing s that can hold guys back too. The manmight feel that he is too young to get married or that the woman is not marriage material.


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