Should brideprice be abolished?

A bride price consist of gifts and money that the bridegroom has to give to the bride’s family as a token to compensate them for bringing up their daugther and to bind the two families together. it is usually paid during an occassion called knockdoor when family members from both sides meet together to eat, drink and celebrate. There have been a lot of debate about the usefulness of the brideprice of late.

On the one side are people who are calling for it to be abolished. According to them, many families demand huge sums of money and gifts making it look as if they are selling their daugthers. Given that the bride’s family has to pay this money in case of divorce, it becomes a burden for her family if she seperates from her husband. These same people contend that the bride price has lost all its value and that it prevents many single young men from getting married.

On the other hand, are those who want to keep it. The say they themselves paid the bride price and they see no reason why they should not receive same for their daugthers. They say it is a token that the bridegroom compensates them for bringing up and educating their daugther because he cannot pay the total cost. In addition, they insist it brings both families together so that they can know each

I am not a particular supporter of the bride price and i do not think i would take it for any of my daugthers. Many people would disagree with me and so to each person his opinion. What do you think? Write your comments below.


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  1. Thomas

    I am not for bride-price either. marriage should stem from love-unconditional love, the type of love with which God loved us. As such no strings must be attached to it; be it monetary, material or otherwise. parents who claim they spent money to bring up their children and ask for compensation are just impossible! whom did they expect to raise their children? or could they deprive their children the good things of life because someone else would come and take them away? that’s wickedness from hell. Families that demand colossal sums of money from their sons-in-law usually suffer a strained relationship with them once the wedding is over and life continues. The sons-in-law, experience has shown, usually refuse to help them when they come asking for help in the course of the marriage.
    However, some parents do not particularly go hard on this and just take the price to fulfil father-in-law wasn’t complicated.
    Tradition is just what people have been doing repeatedly down the ages and the fact that they have been doing it does not make it right!
    we can start the new tradition of no-brideprice in the time of our children!

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