Settling in Cameroon (part 6) Repairs

Everything is repairable in Cameroon. From phones to umbrellas and even shoes . My cellphone i bought while in Denmark recently had a battery problem and i was told it was practically impossible to get the battery here in Cameroon because it is a rare phone. For those of you who know phones, it is a smartphone, an LG 990.

I was almost about to throw it away when i ran into a repairer at the kumba main market who told me be could make a new battery for me to use in the phone. He actually used the words “form the battery”. This means taking a battery that does not belongs to the phone and adapting it to fit into the phone and power it. Looking at him in bewildment, i offered him the phone wondering how this could be possible.

Three days later, he called me that my phone was ready and he powered it infront of me and it was working. I have been using the phone now for more than 3 weeks and it is working perfectly. So, friends, when you are out here in Cameroon, remember not to throw away any defective electronic device because it can be repaired. Even the hole in your underwear instead of you throwing it and buying a new one like abroad.


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