Should a woman propose to a man


On the sidelines of the recentlty celebrated women’s day , and with the clamour for women for more equility with men, i thought about this topic this morning. If women are to be taken seriously to be equal to men , wouldn’t it be nice for them to be able to propose to marry a man? The present system of a man proposing to a womwn has existed sinse the start of the universe and very few women are eager that it should stop.

The proponents for a woman proposing to a man cite a number of reasons why it should happen. They point to the fact that men are hesitant and drag their feet to marry and so women should be given the chance to initiat things. Not only would there be many more marriages but there would be less single women as well. They also insist it encourage equality between men and women and push more women to work harder to keep the man. This would in turn reduce the number of divorces in our society.

However, those against women proposing have their arguments too. Their principal reason is that it might bring about the abolition of the brideprice which to many is unacceptable. if the woman proposes, to the man, who would give the brideprice to whom? The man’s family may insist on a brideprice since it is the woman’s family that is asking his hand in marriage. this in turn may shatter timeworn customs. In addition, many say a woman proposing may be empowered to control the relationship and this might make her proud and non submissive . Some women think they cannot bear being turn down by a guy and so to them it is intolerable.

Denmark recently set aside a day where they encouraged women to propose to men. However, from statistics, very few women have taken the courage to propose to their fiances. This shows how difficult it can be to change age old traditions. What do you think about this. Write your comments below.


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