Depend on God, not man.

Raymond is an unemployed young man living in Doula. He is a graduate from the university of buea and he holds a BA in history. He travels several times a month to see his brother in Yaounde who works at the ministry of transport. He is deeply convinced that only his brother would help him secure a job. He has stopped sending out applications believing that only his brother can get a job for him.

He gets angry at his brother and is even frustrated because no job is coming his way. He never thinks he can rely on himself and believe God for a job. All he knows is that his brother would get him a job. Have you been guilty of this or do you know any person guilty of this?

Friends, I want to tell you today that you would never succeed in whatever you are aiming for if you put all your hopes on another man like you. I tried it myself and it never worked . I remember when i wanted to travel abroad, I was advised to see a witch doctor in order to increase my chances of getting a visa. I went to the witchdoctor on several occassions but each time i was refused the visa. However, when i turned to God, I was immediately given it. God never dissappoints – Halleluyah !!!!!!!!!!

Even in every day life, there are people who depend on all types of charms for their protection. They put their trust and confidence in chains, beads, amulets and incissions instead of putting their faith in God. Some believe that they cannot be killed by a bullet nor stabbed by a knife because of the charms . However, the bible says in psalms 91:2 that God is the only defender and protector in whom we should feel safe. Stop going to witchdoctors and embrace God today.!!!!!!!!!!!

God never dissapointed anybody who trusted in him. In the book of Daniel 6, king Darius ordered Daniel to be thrown in a pit of lions . To his utter surprise, in the morning, he found that Daniel was spared by the lions. Then, he sought to know how Daniel survived the lions and Daniel told him God sent angels that shut the mouths of the lions. Again, in 1 samuel 18:41, David defeated Goliath by putting his trust in the almighty God.

So, folks, stop depending on that your aunty, uncle, sister, boss and depend instead on God. Psalms 23:2 says you shall not lack because the God provides for you. Take care you all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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