Women’s Day


There are feverish preparation in the air ahead of this years women’s day coming up on march 8th 2014. already women from all over Cameroon are scrambling to get this years official wrapper in order to sew carbas which they would wear on the D day.

To the surprise of many people, very few women even know how the day came about nor who were the pioneers who sacrificed their lives to campaign for this day. The women liberation movement was started in America in the 19th century by Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. These two women frustrated by the discrimination they faced as women organized demonstrations and rallies to ask for equality with men. Women could not vote own property , get education , nor inherent property. They were later joined by other women from Europe and other countries and in 1920 women in America were permitted to vote in a presidential election.

This day is celebrated in Cameroon by march past and debates to assess how far women have gone in their quest for equality with men. One particular feature here in Cameroon is that in some homes, women abandon the kitchen to the men and they go out to enjoy themselves. Some of them come back home drunk and are stubborn during this day. The women say it is their only day to be masters of the house. it is a time also that some marriages and relationships break up especially when the man cannot afford the price of the women’s day wrapper.

However, for some women it is a day like any other one. They do not see the need to celebrate anything for to them women are not the same as men and as such should keep their place in the house hold.
Whatever might be said of the womens day, it is still a special day for women whether they celebrate it or not. i wish you all a nice day.


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