The oxford advanced learners’ dictionary defines fornication as the act of having sex with somebody of the opposite sex of whom you are not married to. This act which is most often engaged to by both married and single men and women of the opposite remains one of the principal ways in which they let the devil into our lives.

Quite often, the man or woman engages in dating and maintains a relationship with somebody of the opposite sex. They, then, engage in premarital sex just to satisfy their partner. The girl feels that if she does not give in to the sexual advances of the man, the man might leave her or may not give her gifts or money. She, therefore, makes sex with the guy risking unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and loss of God’s favor.

The bible is crystal clear about those who engage in fornication and other immoral acts. The bible denounces those who engage in sexual immorality. (Acts 15:20) in 1 Thessalonian 3:3, the bible instructs us to be holy and completely free of sexual immorality. When you commit fornication, you sin against your own body because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God.

A good example of somebody who shunned fornication was Joseph, son of Jacob. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and he lived in Egypt with Potiphar, the captain of the palace guards of the king of Egypt. Joseph was well built and good looking and so Potiphar’s wife felled in love with him and begged him to have sex with her. He told her he could not commit such an immoral act and sin against God. (Genesis 39:9). She continued begging him but Joseph refused to dishonor God. Finally, she tore her clothes and accused Joseph of raping her. Potiphar discovered that the wife’s accusations were false and so he restored Joseph to his position.

Can you follow the following example and shun fornication like Joseph? The tips below would help you:

1. Choose your friends. Have friends who have the same values like you. Who have the love of God?

2. Refuse to be alone with a member of the opposite sex in a room. Always make sure there are at least three of you in the room.

3. Keep busy. An unemployed mind is the workshop of the devil. Go to church, associate with other Christians, read and study the bible or take up a job or a course.

4. Pray to God to give you a God fearing man or woman. You would enjoy sex better when you are married.


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