Shortage of water and electricity in the main towns of Cameroon.


Water and electricity is in short supply in the main towns of Cameroon. From the capital city of Yaoundé to less important towns like Buea, the erratic supply of water and electricity is not leaving tongues rolling. Even the mayor of the city of Buea recently complained during an interview with Cameroon Tribune that he did have neither water nor light in his house for more than a week.

What then is the cause of this shortfall? According the government delegate of the city of Yaoundé, the demand of water out weights the supply making it impossible to satisfy all the neighborhoods. Even the recent inauguration of the Mefou Water Treatment center in Yaoundé could not meet up with the demand. The city officials are adamant that many more cubic meters of water are needed to satisfy all the population.

As for electricity, AES Sonel officials declared recently that some transformers were repaired and that there would be no more rationing of electricity. However, this has not translated to the amelioration of conditions in the ground. There had been several electricity cuts in the town of kumba where I am currently residing.

It is not uncommon to see people with gallons going to fetch water from dubious sources. In Molyko, for example, a student recently confided to me that he spends on average 1000 francs cfa per week to buy water. Given that this water is not inspected by centre Pasteur, we all understand the risk of contacting diseases involved in drinking it.

On the whole, experts are unanimous, that these problems were caused because of lack of investment in the electricity and water subsectors over the past 40 years. It would take some time for the situation to stabilize as old plants are revamped and new ones are built. Until then, Cameroonians, just as other African nations would have to do with the little electricity and water available. I wish you all a nice day.


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