Dust in kumba

Kumba is a town in Cameroon of about 300000 inhabitants. This agglomeration at the south west region of the country is an economic and cultural roundabout of commerce and people. Known for its dust in the yesteryears, Kumba now has a network of tarred roads and the streets are well light in the night. Its market attracts business men from all over Cameroon.
Despite this, there is something that has refused to disappear from the streets of the town which is its dust. You would hardly find it in the main roads but going into the quarters is a different story.

I had quite a bad experience recently when I went to visit my friend in another area of the town. In less than no time my shoes where covered in dust as I moved through the untarred road. Each passing motorbike and car raised even more dust and I was covered from head to toe with dust in less than no time.

Another feature in Kumba is the unbelievably high number of motorbikes. There are more motorbikes than cars on the roads. I was told that most people who owed cars have sold them because of the high cost of maintenance in fuel and in spare parts.
However, Kumba would still be Kumba. I encourage all of you to visit it while in Cameroon.


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