Church: the new dating venue

I recently overheard the discussion between two women and one of them was telling her friend how she and her husband had their first date in church. She said her husband wanted them to go for a drink but she insisted that they could only meet in church. Eventually, they started dating and today they are a happily married couple.

It is not uncommon to hear this scenario repeated by other couples. In fact, the church is fast becoming a venue for couples to meet and interact with each other. Not only it is a cheap place for a date but it is also the perfect venue for a Christian woman to convince her hesitant fiancé to give his life to Christ. And since most men wooing a woman would do anything in order to win the woman’s heart they would not hesitate to abide to the wishes of the woman they are seeking for. Even if the man is a non-believer, as he is exposed to the word of God, he would finally end up giving his life to Christ.

However people view this trend, it is going to grow with time as more and more men seeking to marry God fearing Christian women accomplish their aims. I was even told that nowadays born again God fearing Christian women are in high demand because it is assumed that they are submissive and obedient to their husbands. Whether this assertion is true is still to be determined. I have one friend who testified to me how he got married to a worldly woman and two years later they ended up in divorce because of the infidelity of the woman. Today, he is married to a born again woman and he has never been so happy in his life.

Please, write your views in the comments section and all contributions are welcomed to the glory of God.



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