A lot people mistake prosperity for a lot of things that prosperity is not that why I thought of writing this post today. Prosperity is often thought of as having material things such as cars, houses, land and other material things. Having material things is good but that is not all there is to life. However, prosperity is just limited to having material things. Prosperity also means having divine health which means living sick free and spending no money on drugs and other medical bills.

Living in divine health is being prosperous because drugs and other medical expenses can eat so much into our budget. So we should thank God each day for keeping us in divine health and making us healthy and strong. Divine living is possible for every one of us and we have to strive that we live divinely as promised in the bible. There is no other way to do this. In addition to divine health, we are also prosperous when we have peace of mind. The bible says in the book of john that we should forgive before praying so that the peace of God should delve in us while we pray. So, having peace of mind is also being prosperous.

Prosperity is possible to all of us but we have to work hard to claim it. We have to fight hard to be a part of it. We have to seek it with all passion in order to be in it. And we do not have to be discouraged by whatever setback or trials we may be going through. These difficulties and trials are meant to strengthen us so that we can take on the challenges of life without any problem.


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