I know many of my friends would be wondering what I am talking about here. After all is it not a long time since they left school? Why I am asking them whether they read books or not? I equally graduated from school a long time ago but despite this however I am still reading books and I adore doing it. So, what is there to be gained in reading books? Which types of books are we supposed to read? How is reading books going to help us in our lives? I used to ask myself these very questions. However today as a fervent reader of books I know better.

So let’s go to our question now how is reading going to help you in your live? Well friends, the bible says in Romans 10:10 that we should not conform to this world but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind. Now how do you renew your mind? It is by reading books whether it is the bible or any other book. By reading books we get into the minds of great men and we are able to learn from their experiences. We learn from their mistakes so that we should not fall into the same mistakes.

I personally have made up my mind to read at least 20 pages of my bible and other books in a day. Remember I said at least. So this number might go up on some days. You might ask yourself how do I manage to do this. Well, I know from experience that I read best in the mornings so each time in the morning I just find myself opening and reading my preferred book. It is not that difficult. Start today and you would thank me for this tip. You feed your spirit by praying and meditating on the word of god; you feed your mind by reading and your feed your body by exercising each day.

Friends they say that the best way to start a new habit is to replace it with an old one. Instead of watching your television the whole day, go to your local library and rent a book or go to your local bookshop and buy one. It can be a book on any topic you enjoy. After reading this book look for another one and then another one. Try to read this book every day and over time you would realize that you cannot pass a day without reading. You would be forming a good habit in this way.

the satisfaction from reading a good book


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