There are a lot of churches nowadays and the choice is too many for Christians to select. It seems everybody is out to open their own church. However with the numerous churches outside today, how do you know a good God fearing church? Whatever, church you are attending look out for the following:

The personality of the pastor
It is said a tree is known by the fruits it bears. Nothing is further from the true. The actions of the man of God should give you a general overview of how the church is. A good pastor should be somebody that is humble, who respects his fellow Christians and is not money minded. It is not difficult to spot such a person.

The number of services
You can equally know a good church by the number of services they hold each week. There should be teaching services that develop the Christian and make them study and assimilate more of the word of God.

Do everything according to the word of God
Everything that is done in a good church should be according to the bible. If you find that something is not done according to the bible then you should start questioning the credibility of that church. Make sure that the sermons are taken from the bible and that everything they do is from the bible.

There should be testimonies about what the Lord is doing in the lives of fellow Christians in a good church. Testimonies from other Christians about the works of God in their life should abound and should be numerous as to encourage the gentiles that God exist and he is doing great things in the lives of the Christians.


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