News hit Cameroon recently about the closure of some churches. It was not good news indeed for the Christian community. Numerous churches were not sure about their fates because either they have not registered with the proper administrative authorities or they were operating clandestinely. Despite the general pandemonium, just a handful of churches where finally closed which shows you cannot temper with the house of God.

The recent move by the government of Cameroon should however be a wakeup call to all promoters of churches to either register their churches or face closure. Not only are there complaints of the churches being too many but there are also complaints that these churches make a lot of noise and also extort money from fellow Christians. This criticism should not be taken lightly by the church administration. There should be a concerted effort among the Pentecostal churches to form an association where their problems would be discussed and where mushrooming churches should be weeded out. Only by taking this concerted effort would the Christian body be respected and given the privileges due. It is high time the churches forget about their rivalry and cooperate to present a strong and unified body in the face of these challenges.

As Christian, our houses of worship should be guarded jealously. They have to cleaned regularly and also taken good care which includes registration and general order in the church of God. The Christian body should not wait for the next crackdown of the government for them to start crying foul play but they should act right now to avert this treatment next time.



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