GCE Ordinary and Advanced level results out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is jubilation and celebration in Cameroon as the GCE results have finally been published. In fact, following the reading of the results over the radio, successful applicants took to the street to express their joy. This Sunday, there were so many testimonies in church by students who passed in the various examinations. However, I encourage all students who failed to try again next year and believe God that they have made it.

It made me recall my own experience when I obtained my GCE advanced level. In those days, when you were successful in the GCE examinations, you were highly regarded by not only your family but your whole community. Everybody in your community saw you as a highly successful person and several neighbours would invite you just to talk with you or, give you drinks and food. At home my father used to order that they buy a chicken and cook it for me. This was a great honour to me because we only ate chicken on big days. It was also some of the rare times we all ate on the table as a family. Not only was there a big feast in our house, but celebrations were also done in the streets by other students who would run about shouting and singing as soon as they heard their names read over the radio. What a wonderful sight it was. Today, however, celebrations are low key and most feasting is done in homes.

There was one innovation this year that I did not fail to notice. One of the major mobile telephone networks in Cameroon which is MTN bought the whole results. Students can access their results by texting to MTN and paying the sum of 150 francs. I have of complaints from students that the service is too slow. I hope the service becomes faster next year. I wish to express my congratulations to all students who passed.


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