Who is your mentor?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide. Your mentor is somebody who has done what you intend to do in your life and who has done it successfully. A mentor should be somebody who gives you advice and encourages you in whatever you intend to do. If your dream is to be a doctor, then your mentor should be a doctor who is successfully in what he does. If your dream is to be a church minister, then your dream should be a minister who has successful in managing his ministry. By having a mentor, you can easily overcome certain problems because you gain from the experience of your mentor who encountered the same difficulties but overcame them all.

In the bible, Elijah was the mentor of Elisha and Naomi was the mentor of Ruth. After the death of the husband of Ruth, she insisted to go with Naomi wherever Naomi was going. Eventually Ruth followed the advice of Naomi and she got married to Boaz and bore him a son (Ruth 4:13). Ruth benefited from the experiences that Naomi had of life and she followed all the advice that Naomi gave her.

Who is your mentor? If you do not have one, then think of getting one. Personally, I have decided to meet a successful person each month and I am putting a plan in action to help me achieve this goal. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So, take time to choose a mentor and learn to get as much advice as possible from this person.

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