I thought about writing about this topic because of the current municipal and parliamentary elections coming up in September 2013. Once more Cameroonians would be called upon to choose their municipal and parliamentary leaders. With the different candidates vying for the various positions, it is but normal that some of those candidates would be Christians.

I know some people would not approve me saying this but despite the fact that elections are coming up in September, I have still not registered to vote. The problem is not that I do not love to vote but rather I think there is no need to do it because the results are known in advance. As most Cameroonians would attest, the elections are often marred by rigging and violence that many Cameroonians find no use to vote and mainly the ruling party candidates are voted in.

Historically, there were two really good politicians who were presidents who are Patrick Chiluba of Zimbabwe and John Atta Mills of Ghana. The fortunes of both men are diverse but these are front runners who did a lot while in office. When you go to the bible in Mathew 22:21, the Pharisees asked Jesus whether it was normal for them to pay taxes to Caesar and Jesus told them to bring him a silver coin. He took it and asked them whose image was there and they said it was Caesar’s. He then ordered them to pay unto Caesar what is for Caesar and unto God what is for God. Which implies Jesus recognized the authority of Caesar.  Again, one of Jesus disciples, Levi, was a former tax collector.

I therefore think it is a good thing for our Christian brothers and sisters to run for elections because by so doing they shine by their actions. The bible says in Mathew 7:20,” by their fruits you shall know them”. Christian candidates must show the way by being accountable and transparent so that the gentiles can do likewise. I wish God’s blessing to all the candidates for the municipal and parliamentary elections.



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