It has been raining cats and dogs not only in Limbe but also in Buea. The rains are so intense and it has been raining like this for more than a week now. Of course many people would say it is the raining season, what do you expect?

The rains have never prevented me from going to church. And so I think as a good Christian nothing should prevent you from going to worship God. Nobody should give an excuse that rain made him not to attend church for when you truly love God, he would provide a way for you to find yourself in church.

I remember last Sunday as I was about to leave the house for church it suddenly began to rain and the rains where so intense that I could easily get discouraged from going to church. However, as I step out of the house, I found a taxi just a few blocks away from my home. From there I got another taxi that took me directly to church. Thank God, I arrived in time to church and I was able to attend the service to the glory of God.


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